S      U      Z      A      N      N      A              Z      A      W      I      E      J      A

Der Elefant läuft dieses Jahr im Rahmen der Midnight Movi(e)s in Tampere!

"Midnight Mov(i)es three screenings includes spiked films, which fits to watch in the dark of the night. The films in the program deal with the wild and failed misadventures of the human species. Desire, lust, and madness compete with each other."

Suzanna Zawieja | Germany 2016 | Fiction | 15 min

A hearable silence swells between mother and daughter, and suddenly it starts creeping around them… The growing silence becomes tangible, as it takes the form of an actual creature. Now a gruesome Elephant dominates the family, leaving behind visible traces. When the ominous elephant begins to destroy the apartment, the situation is reaching a culmination: only then the mother and the daughter decide to get rid of him. After a tiresome burial in the woods, their family has finally the chance to get closer to each other.


Spielfilmdebüt 120min.

Psychodrama mit Mystery Elementen.

1. Drehbuchfassung.

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Gesucht wird noch eine kreative Produktion. 

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